Gearrilla: looking back at Startup Grind in California

Startup Grind is the right place for every startup to be, especially if they like us are expanding in the US. Investors, startups and entrepreneurs from all over the world come together in Silicon Valley for this event. No wonder that we were really excited when we got selected from more than 3000 applications to participate in this event!

There’s strength in serenity: How to love cross-country skiing

It's a full-body workout that requires the right combination of coordination, physical fitness, and technique. Incidentally, it also offers great scenery for nature lovers.

Sabine shows us the most beautiful sides of Austria

You’ve found the perfect hiking or ski-tour gear with us and all that’s missing now is the right route for it? The sports and outdoor blogger, Sabine – better known as Austrianoutdooraddict – will show you the most beautiful outdoor spots in Austria.

Much more than the same website in green: The new Gearrilla

We've been working hard over the last few weeks to bring your feedback and our own ideas together to create a newer, optimized version of Gearrilla. Including a better look.

Escape the technocircle: outdoor is the best offline

We at Gearrilla are outdoor lovers. Not just because we are free spirits and wish for open space and high skies for paragliding, but because in there we find that freedom and energy that charges us up for everyday.

Let Gearrilla do it: our new home service

What’s easier than doing things yourself? That’s right! Letting others do them. That's why we launched the new home service for you at the turn of the year, and we'll take care of the set-up of your gear for you.

Sustainable outdoor sports with Gearrilla

Sustainable outdoor sports is possible. With Gearrilla we created a platform which enables you to share your outdoor gear with other outdoor enthusiasts. Let's make the world a better place.

Ski helmets for dummies: how to find the right one

Statistics have proven that a ski helmet can save lives. In this article, we'll show you what truly matters when it comes to the perfect ski helmet.

Sledding: 5 tips that will bring you safely down to the valley

Is technique really that important when it comes to sledding? Can’t any child do it? Sledding isn’t actually that difficult. However, the basic techniques should be mastered. Good technique brings about more fun, speed, and safety.

Stay on top - All about avalanche backpacks

With an avalanche backpack, you’ll carry the responsibility for your safety on your own shoulders. We’ll introduce you to various avalanche backpack systems here and tell you what you should consider when renting or buying a backpack.

Our top 5 ski resorts in the Alpine region

There are more ski resorts in the Alps than there are après-ski hits by DJ Ötzi. This makes it difficult for beginner skiers to choose the right ski resort for themselves. That's why we have put together our personal top 5 ski resorts in the Alps in this article, and we’ll show you what each of them has to offer.

Ski rental made easy

When it comes to renting skis, there are as many different models as there are people who want to try them out. There are long ones, short ones, wide ones, narrow ones, sometimes sporty ones, sometimes ones for leisure, totally modern ones or wholly traditional ones. In this article we'll let you know which typ of ski fits to you.

Renting out gear for the first time

If you’d rather earn money from your unused outdoor equipment than let it gather extra layers of dust, you just have to register as a lender with us. In this article we'll show you how it works.

New here? We’ll help you!

Whether it was destiny, coincidence or just Google - we are very happy that you’re here and we’d like to warmly welcome you to Gearrilla!

Renting snowshoes - everything a ‘Bigfoot’ needs to know

Snowshoes really are a lot of fun. They’re also easy for newcomers to use and you’ll quickly get to grips with the right technique. You can then relax and enjoy the feeling - as if you’re walking on clouds.