What’s easier than doing things yourself? That’s right! Letting others do them.
That's why we launched the new home service for you at the turn of the year, and we'll take care of the set-up of your gear for you.

Gearrilla on order

“Home service” means that we’ll come to your home. But don’t worry; of course, we’re not going to turn up unannounced or just slip through the skylight. We’ll visit you and your gear legally on site upon your request and after arranging an appointment.

Let's get started!

As we know that setting up your outdoor gear can cost you time and patience, we’ll help you to photograph, measure, describe, and upload your backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, snowshoes or whatever else you want to hire out. You do not need a camera or tape measure – we’ll bring everything along. Good mood included.

What’s the catch?

Our home service is completely free for you, of course. We'd be delighted if we could get to know our community and show you who's behind Gearrilla.

The only catch is that we are, unfortunately, only able to offer this service to members who live in the Munich or Frankfurt area at the moment.

Count me in

Snowboarder, Philipp from Munich was the first person whom Alex and Leo from Gearrilla were able to assist in bringing various boards to the community.

If you also live in the Munich or Frankfurt areas, and would like to use our home service to rent out your outdoor gear, just send us an e-mail with your preferred date to [email protected], and Gearrilla will get ready to go.

We look forward to seeing you!

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