1. Posture on the sled upon descent

Let's start with the right posture. The most important rule is: the further you lean backwards with your upper body, the faster you will be.

The right posture is important, especially at high speeds. At high speed, the motto is: stretch out your legs and put your feet on the runners, hold the cord with one hand and the back end of the sled with your other hand.

2. Bend technique when sledding

There is a fixed process that you have to learn in order to master every bend successfully.

In narrower bends or at high speeds, you can also press one leg against the outside of the bend and reach into the snow with your hand on the inside of the bend.

3. Curve line while sledding

After slowing down, it's best to approach the bends from the outside. Thus, you can go into the bend with a high curve radius and traverse the bend close to the apex. At the end of the bend, you can then travel outwards again or prepare yourself for the next bend.

4. Braking properly when sledding

If you want to brake properly, you have to straighten your upper body, tighten the cord, and put the entire soles of your boots flat on the snow. The more boot surface rests on the ground, the better the braking effect.

5. Full braking while sledding

In dangerous situations, it may be that you have to make a complete stop. The above-mentioned braking technique also applies here. In addition, however, you have to lift the sled at the front, so that you press the runner ends into the ground.

We hope that with our tips you’ll have even more fun sledding and be able to enjoy the sport safely.

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