With an avalanche backpack, you’ll carry the responsibility for your safety on your own shoulders. We’ll introduce you to various avalanche backpack systems here and tell you what you should consider when renting or buying a backpack.

Also well secured when you’re away from the piste

An avalanche backpack can prevent you from sustaining serious injuries and even save your life In emergencies. However, it does not replace professional assessment of the mountainside and the weather. Therefore, before you become a daredevil freerider, you should definitely attend a course on avalanche risk management, learning how to use avalanche protection equipment and how to assess the weather conditions correctly. If you unexpectedly end up in an avalanche, despite the best training, you'll remain higher up or even on top of the surface of the avalanche thanks to the buoyancy of your avalanche backpack. In addition, the inflated airbags will protect your head.

The material makes a difference

There are now almost more avalanche backpack models on the market than there are ski tourers on the mountain. This does not necessarily make the decision easier.

In general, all popular models on the European market are safe to use and only differ in terms of weight and volume.

For example, avalanche backpacks with carbon cartridges are much lighter than models with steel cartridges. Admittedly, they are also a lot more expensive, but you should definitely think about whether you wish to opt for the lighter version. Your back will thank you.

In the case of day ski tours, it makes particular sense to think about the amount of storage space for equipment and provisions before you rent or buy an avalanche backpack.

Further must-haves for ski tours and freerides

In addition to an avalanche backpack, a shovel, a probe, an avalanche transceiver, a first aid kit and, of course, a ski helmet also constitute part of the basic equipment for ski tours and freerides. Only then can you minimize the risk to you and your companions, and free yourself from masses of snow in emergencies.

We now wish you a lot of fun and, above all, luck on your freeride adventures!

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