"Wow, what’s it going to look like here?" You'll probably ask yourself this question if you've only known the Gearrilla website in bright red up to now. But we have improved a lot more than just the design. We've been working hard over the last few weeks to bring your feedback and our own ideas together to create a newer, optimized version of Gearrilla. Including a better look.

You want more. You’ll get more.

We have implemented many user wishes and added new categories for you that will make the range of products even more colorful for our community, and facilitate the rental of your outdoor gear. New additions include e.g. various types of snow or surfboard, bikes ranging from downhill to freight bikes, or GPS devices and avalanche gear - just to name a few.

Those who want to know exactly what they are, will find an overview of all the categories here:

- Electronics:

GPS tracker, GPS clock, avalanche transceiver, drone, navigation device

- Avalanche safety equipment:

Avalanche shovel, avalanche probe

- Sleds:

Toboggan sleds, children's sleds, steerable sleds, transport sleds

- Skis:

Giant slalom skis, slalom skis, downhill skis, all-round carver skis, freeskis, Telemark skis, children's skis, touring skis,

- Snowboards:

Freeride, raceboard, splitboard

- Surfboards:

Mini Malibu, longboard, shortboard, softboard

- Tents:

1 person, 2 people, 3 people, 4 people, rooftop tent

- Bicycles:

Downhill bike, Fatbike, tandem, freight bike, triathlon bike

- Backpacks:

Travel backpack, ski backpack

Those who seek shall find.

The categories will become more diverse, the search easier - because from now on, you can search for the main categories in addition to the usual subcategories. Simply choose skis, backpacks, bicycles or whatever you need, and all the gear that falls into this category will be listed for you.

Filter good. All good.

Filters don’t just make many results better on Instagram. Our search engine also now has a filter feature that allows you to further optimize and refine your search results by size, gender, and equipment type.

We want more from you.

In addition to many new categories, we have added more details with which you can describe your gear more precisely and successfully rent it out. So we’re not trying to annoy you if we suddenly want to know your shoe size or the individual weight of your skis, but rather boost your turnover.

But if that's too much work for you, you can use our home service easily (and free of charge), and have your outdoor gear set up by us at home. Just write us an e-mail c/o [email protected] and we'll come over!

As you Like It.

We are eager to know how you like the new Gearrilla website and would be delighted to receive fan mail c/o [email protected].

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