Who could argue that spring is the best time for physical activity? The days are longer and warmer, the nature is awakening, and gyms cease to be the only refuge for people trying to get fit. In spring outdoors becomes not only a pleasant place for days-off, but also an ideal place to get in shape. Let us remind you how.

5 types of sport for an active spring

Tennis or padel

If you are in the mood for a sport with some competitive spark, you can try tennis or padel. It's a fun way to burn calories and strengthen the muscles of your arms, buttocks and legs. If you already have a partner for this sport, all you have to do is to find a suitable place for outdoor training. You might need one or two lessons, though, if you have never played before; however, this way you could meet cool new people to make it worth your while.


Practiced in moderation and in a natural environment, cycling can be an ideal sport at any age. Be it a family with kids, a couple or a solitary introvert, one can do it to relax or get in shape by focusing on specific body zones. And for those who worry about not having a latest Ortlieb bike bag: even with simple outdoor gear one can achieve impressive results.


It is a slightly more demanding activity, but only if you have never done it before. One does not need to be an athlete to go jogging. However, you must start with the right tempo and listen to your own body in order to progress gradually without risking injury and activate all muscle groups in the correct manner. Once you find the right rhythmus for yourself, you will also be able to enjoy the scenery.


Nature, training and great view - hiking offers all of those things. Spring is the ideal season for it, since one can enjoy pleasant temperatures and unique landscapes of the blossoming nature. Be it a simple hike for a couple of hours or a 3-day tour with tents and sleeping bags - one can choose for himself, depending on his stamina and experience.


CrossFit is a sport that combines a series of exercises that involve the whole body. Not only it becomes more and more popular, it is frequently practiced outdoors. You have definitely noticed CrossFit groups in the city parks. So if you already exercise regularly, you can profit from a change of scenery and join those groups in your area.

Why is sport good?

Even though growing up we were always taught that sport is good and useful, many people do not give a second thought about giving it up altogether. However, the advantages of physical activity are too important to dismiss them.

Physical activity stimulates the growth of muscles, bones and tissues in our bodies and also ensures correct psychological and emotional development. Everyone can benefit from doing fitness: children, adults and the elderly, provided they do it regularly.

For adults and the elderly, exercise is essential to maintain a healthy body and avoid problems associated with sedentary lifestyles. For example, metabolic diseases such as diabetes and circulatory diseases can be prevented or alleviated by a healthy lifestyle over the years.

Sport significantly reduces stress levels and stimulates the production of endorphins, the happiness hormones. That is why sport improves our mood and gives us a feeling of freedom.

Certain sports also contribute to improving our self-esteem and play an important role in social integration.

Advantages of outdoor physical activities

In comparison to traditional sessions in gym outdoor training offers even more advantages.

Being in the open air improves the oxygen supply to our cells, and moderate exposure to the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D.

New places and visual stimuli can help you free your head and boost creativity, especially if you do it in a group.

They say that the movement is life; however, there are numerous ways to make it more fun and pleasant. And doing sports outdoors is definitely one of the best ones.

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