Insurance Model

Insurance Model

Geographical area


Insurance Model

Compensation amount

EUR 1,500 per rental object, max. EUR 2,500 per rental

Replacement value

(pro gear)


(in general)

0 – 500 EUR

EUR 25

501 – 1.000 EUR

EUR 50

1.001 – 1.500 EUR

EUR 150

1.501 – 2.500 EUR

EUR 250

The insurance is designed to cover all the stuff you own, and almost everything is covered. There are (of course) a few exclusions; see the list below:

  • Cars, motorcycles, scooters and any vehicle which you need a licence to drive
  • Chemicals, liquids or any consumables
  • Wear and tear
  • The transport of your gear
  • Electronics
  • Optical defects that do not affect the usability
  • Failure damage
  • Penalties or property damage
  • Batteries / rechargeable batteries
  • War, terror, cyber, intent etc.

In case of gross negligence will be charged pro rata.

Replacement value

Time value with fixed tax after years and repair obligation. It is at Gearrilla’s discretion whether we pay out the gear value, or organise you a replacement item.