River surfing in Munich

Surfing without sea! Those who have been hit by "surfing fever", will know that it will not let you go - even after your beach vacation. Those who do not want to spend their entire lives in Bavaria, can also have recourse to a river wave or look for a place where there is a wave pool.

How to put your backpack in order

How do you keep your backpack in order? The aim of this article is to help you to easily improve the organization of your baggage.

Things you should not forget to include when you go camping

This must-haves which can turn even the biggest camping skeptic into an ardent adventurer !

Hiking with children - it’ll be a fun-filled adventure

There is so much for little hikers and their parents to discover on special hiking trails for families. In this blog article, we’ll introduce you to five great tours that will certainly keep the whole family happy.

Wakeboarding - tips and tricks for beginners

The popular sport of ‘wakeboarding’ involves you standing on something which looks a bit like a snowboard, and letting yourself be pulled across the water with a rope hoist. Here are some tips and tricks before you try!

The 5 best destinations for backpackers who want to escape winter

In a lot of regions the temperatures already is going under the freezing point and there lies the first snow. If you belong to the sun lovers, you should definitely know these 5 top destinations.

Tips for camping in winter

Crisp early mornings and early nights huddled around a roaring fire are just two of the draws of winter camping. With a little preparation, taking advantage of the peacefulness of the outdoors in winter does not need to be daunting. It is easier than you may think.

Hiking gear for winter

Getting out for a hike in winter is invigorating. With the right gear staying warm and safe is easy, leaving you to enjoy the beauty and peace of winter outdoors.

What renters on Gearrilla like to know

Make sure you are giving your gear the best chance of being seen, and rented, by following these few simple tips. Put yourself in your renters shoes and think about what you like to know before buying or renting gear and you will be well on your way to seamless sharing.