What should you consider when buying a trekking tent?

In this article, we’ll give you some helpful tips on what you must keep in mind when you buy a tent.

How big should your tent be?

If you are traveling by car or motorcycle and not by canoe or bike, you needn’t pay as much attention to the weight of the trekking tent.

If possible, as a rule of thumb, you should always plan for two more sleeping places than the manufacturer indicates. For example, a four-person tent would be perfect for two people. In addition to the sleeping bags, there would also be enough space for baggage and equipment.

There are tents with several rooms. In a three-room tent, you will therefore be able to spread out your sleeping bags in the large ‘bedroom’, pack your luggage into a small adjoining room, and set up your camping furniture in the third separate room.

We would especially recommend a multi-room tent if you’re traveling with children.

What features should your tent have?

Fly sheet

The fly sheet is a second cover around your tent. It not only protects against rain, but also prevents resulting condensation from dripping from the tent ceiling at night.

Floor tray

The tear-resistant and waterproof floor should be pulled up a few centimeters at the sides, so that no water can seep into the tent in the event of heavy rain.

Good quality zippers

The zippers of your tent will often be opened and closed. If the zipper on your tent is broken, it will quickly get cold and wet, or annoying insects could invade your tent.

Insect screen

Good tents have an insect screen on all vents and at the entrance. This allows you to ventilate your tent in the summer without insects coming into your tent.

Aluminum rods

Aluminum rods are not as light as the more common fiberglass ones, but they’re much more stable. Fiberglass rods can get broken very quickly.

If you take note of these tips, nothing much can go wrong when buying your tent.

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