We'll begin our hike at the parking lot of the Frauenstein cemetery. On Georgenborner Straße (street), we'll follow the small asphalted road to the left and continue beyond the little left-hand bend to the forest path, which lies on the right.

We'll carry on along the narrow Lindenbach river, which is relatively steep uphill.

Then, we'll continue along the long-distance Rheinsteig hiking trail. This long-distance trail is marked by a board with a stylized "R" on a blue background.

After crossing the stream, we'll reach a 200-year-old oak, located beyond a right-hand bend. This is called the "monstrance tree" because of its shape.

Diagonally opposite the monstrance tree, a shady path will lead us uphill to the natural "Grauer Stein" (grey stone) monument .

The Grauer Stein is a 10-meter-high quartz stone that is heavily overgrown with moss.

The Grauer Stein is well suited for a short break.

Following the path further downhill, we'll come to a crossroads where we'll turn left onto the forest road.

We'll keep sharp right for a few meters and walk along the beautiful edge of the forest at Georgenborn.

At the next crossing, we'll turn left, follow the forest road, and take the turning to the right after about 400 meters.

Soon after, we'll turn left and turn again into an asphalted road on the left.

After crossing the federal highway (B260), we'll reach Lochmühle with its large mill wheel. At the next fork in the road, we'll continue left and come to Rheingaues Straße (street), which we'll follow to the right.

After crossing the roundabout, we'll follow the forest road to the left.

After a short stretch of woodland, our trail will become a path.

At the small fork, we'll turn right and head steeply uphill, cross a forest road, and end up at a T-junction.

After about one kilometer, we'll come to the next T-junction, which is located directly at a Kneipp facility.

We can refresh our feet in cool water at the Kneipp facility and then continue our route downhill.

The forest path will now become an asphalted road, which leads us past a cemetery in the town of Rauenthal.

At the next crossing, we'll turn right into Jahnstraße (street) and after passing the Rauenthal Winzerhaus (winegrower's house), turn left into Vornweg (road).

After traversing a wide right bend, we'll come to a street called "An der Lehmkaut", which we'll leave via a narrow path on the left.

When we have crossed the federal highway once again, we'll come to a dirt road and pass by the Tiefenthal monastery.

Further along the edge of the forest, we'll turn right after passing by a single house on the shady path, and come to the town of Martinsthal.

Now we'll follow Schiersteiner Straße (street) in a southerly direction.

After only 600 meters, we'll turn left into the "Am Steinberg" street, which we'll leave shortly afterwards by turning right into Frauenstein Weg (road).

After traveling a few meters upwards on the asphalted road, we'll hike straight into the beautiful forest.

We'll keep left at the next asphalted road and arrive back at the edge of the forest.

After heading downhill for a short distance, we'll continue straight ahead on the asphalted road and soon come back to our starting point.

We hope that you'll enjoy this - quite demanding - hiking route.

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