No other people, minimum comfort. Official overnight accommodation invites you to spend undisturbed nights in the countryside, away from the camping areas.

In this article, we'll show you the legal ways to pitch your tent in the countryside without coming into conflict with the law.

There are few things that connect us to nature in the way that an overnight stay in a tent does. However, those who want to spend a night in Germany, far away from overcrowded camping areas, will quickly come up against legal restrictions.

The trekking area - probably the best alternative

Authorities and tourism associations now recognize that not every traveler wants to pitch his/her tent on a campsite where everything is organized down to the last detail.

Therefore, some federal states have designated special areas where each camping fan can set up his/her tent without any of the usual comforts.

In most cases, an overnight stay in these areas costs about 10 euros. Some places are even free.

In the following part, we’ll introduce you to some places where you can go "wild" camping.

Camping in the Eifel

You can rent a wooden platform including a composting toilet for only 10 euros in the High Fens Nature Park. The platform is sufficient for one or two tents, and also protects against seeping moisture when it rains.

You’ll find more information about this at

Camping in Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein has the most trekking areas in Germany by far. You’ll find about 20 places where you can pitch your tent amongst pure nature at

Camping in the Palatinate Forest

For a fee of 10 euros, you can find many beautiful places to pitch your tent or spend a warm summer night outside under the stars in the Palatinate Forest, around Kaiserslautern and Landau. Further information can be found at

Camping in Bavaria

Unfortunately, Bavaria offers very few places where you can go wild camping, despite being the largest federal state in Germany.

The cost is also 10 euros. Further information about the trekking areas in Bavaria can be found at

Camping in the Black Forest

There are now several places to stay in the Black Forest, inviting you to linger amongst relatively unspoiled nature. However, you can only pitch your tent in the Black Forest during the warm months of May to October. You’ll find more information at

We hope that with this article, we have been able to help you find the right place for a night in a tent. We wish you lots of fun amongst nature.

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