Got the idea while paragliding

We are avid outdoor athletes here at Gearrilla, and have all sorts of outdoor gear at home. We often thought that it would be cool to try out other kinds of sport without having to buy the equipment - because you frequently don’t have time to make use of it all.

It was while we were paragliding together that we came up with the idea of creating a platform where each outdoor enthusiast could share his/her gear with others.

Environmental protection was important to us from the beginning

We are absolute nature lovers and also want future generations to still have the possibility to enjoy their free time in our beautiful countryside. It was therefore a prerequisite for us to save resources with our idea, and thereby make a contribution to the protection of the environment.


What's better than being alone in the countryside? That’s right! Enjoying nature together with friends and like-minded people.

For this reason, we want to build a community together with you, where we not only lend our equipment out to each other, but also give useful tips and deal with each other in a friendly way. The only thing that counts is shared fun and achieving great things together.

How you can support our vision

If you like our vision with Gearrilla, you can support us by telling people in your circle of friends and acquaintances about us right now. Gearrilla will only be a success if we bring many people in our community together, very quickly, from the beginning.

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