Blankenstein is one of the most beautiful climbing areas in the Bavarian Prealps.

The Blankensteinhütte (a self-catering lodge) is tucked away in a wooded area at the foot of these cliffs. This lodge offers multifaceted tour possibilities for those who wish to spend a few days backpacking in unspoiled nature, especially in summer.

In this blog article, we’ll introduce you to an enjoyable day trip with about 275 meters in altitude.

1st stage: Getting to the Blankensteinhütte

We proceed from the Hufnagelstube parking lot on Enterrottach (Valepp) street to an asphalted road, heading in the direction of Wallberg. Instead of turning toward the Siebli Alp, we continue hiking along the beautiful Schiffbach river. We carry on toward the Risserkogel Mountain when we reach the Rottach Alp at an altitude of 1211 m. We cross the bridge, turn left into a forest road, and follow it to the clearing with a large boulder. Shortly thereafter, we take a path to the right which leads to the Blankensteinhütte at 1214 m. The lodge is tucked away in a wooded area, which is why it is better climb up there during daylight hours.

Stage 2: Climbing to the top of the Risserkogel Mountain

We follow the main path from the Blankensteinhütte to the edge of the wood. We climb up to the Röthenstein Alp, which lies at an altitude of 1385 m. We then proceed around Röthenstein before we reach the Blankensteinsattel (anticline), which lies at 1692 m, between Blankenstein and the Risserkogel Mountain. Here we turn right and climb up the steep rocks to the summit ridge in order to ascend – with relatively few complications – to the peak of the Risserkogel mountain at 1826 m. From there, we have a wonderful view of Blankenstein and its jagged shape. The view invites you to linger briefly before we tackle the descent.

Stage 3: Descent via the Siebli Alp

For the descent, we choose the beautiful path that leads via the Riederecksattel (anticline) and the Siebli Alp. Thus, we climb back down to the Blankensteinsattel and then keep to the right to climb above the Riedereck Lake in the Riederecksattel.

We pass by a memorial stone in the vicinity of the Riedereck Alp, which lies at an altitude of 1470 m. Then we walk through the wood, which leads us above the Siebli Alp. Finally, we go back down the asphalted road to our starting point – Hufnagelstube.


We recommend that you plan a full day for this route and make sure that the weather is good. In any case, you should check the weather forecasts in advance, and hike in a group. Remember to pack enough food and drinks in your backpack.

Have fun hiking.

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