We do everything to make Gearrilla a safe place for you. You’ll learn what we do for your security in this blog post.

Registration process

We want to increase the security of our platform through our registration process, which has been specially designed for you. In order to carry out a variety of tests in the background, it is therefore necessary that you transfer all the required data and a one-off payment of five euros to Gearrilla before lending out an item. Through the transfer, we can ensure that the registered users are real people who also have a bank account.

The five euros will be refunded to you by us as soon as you lend out equipment on Gearrilla for the first time.


All the items that you lend out as a private person on Gearrilla are insured. We assume that the borrowers on our platform will treat your equipment well.

However, should something happen, the resulting damage will be rectified by our insurance. Through doing this, we want to reduce the fear of damage and increase your enjoyment of lending.


We’ll give you, as the lender, the possibility to demand a fixed deposit from the borrower. You can specify the amount of the deposit in the item description.

The borrower will give the deposit to you when the equipment is handed over, and you will then return the deposit to him/her when the equipment is brought back.

Thus, with the addition of the insurance, you can be certain that the lender will return your equipment to you safely.

We want to give you additional security to the insurance by means of the deposit.

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