Tough and resilient

Equipment that is particularly sturdy is especially well suited for hiring out as it only needs to be purchased once and can then be rented out for several years.

The following examples fall into this category.

Good advice on bicycles

Bikes made of sturdy material and without complicated knickknacks are ideal for hiring out. Tourists, in particular, will be happy to rent such a bike from you for a city tour.

Tent is money

Camping tents are available in a variety of materials. If you have a very high-quality camping tent, such as Heimplanet tent, you can also rent it out when you do not need it for yourself. It is just important that you thoroughly air out the tent after the rental in order to dry off any resulting moisture.

Voilà - money in the backpack

Of course, it makes no sense to hire out your regular backpack, which you depend on daily. But perhaps you still have a hiking backpack, travel backpack or daypack in the basement, which you rarely need. A good-quality backpack can certainly bring you up to 50 euros a month.

Sports and leisure equipment - where renting it out is nothing new

There are already some categories of equipment where it’s completely normal to rent the gear. So it's no wonder that our users will also be happy to rent gear from you when it comes to these areas. We've compiled the most popular categories in the area of winter sports for you.

Everyone gets on board

Skis and snowboards have been available for hire for years and almost every skier or snowboarder has borrowed equipment once. That's why you too can successfully rent out your skis and boards on Gearrilla.

Bigfoot at a small price

With snowshoes, the rule is that you rent the gear – rather than buy it yourself – because you’ll often only use it for one or two tours.

Snowshoes are absolutely perfect for hiring out because they are usually very sturdy and can therefore be rented out countless times.

It’s better to rent unusual gear

Many users like to rent sports gear that is particularly unusual - like snowbikes or shuffleboards - because they rarely need this kind of equipment, but would still like to try it out.

Faster than the slope police allow

A snowbike is definitely fun! However, you wouldn’t buy such a piece of sports equipment immediately. Many renters just want to try out a snowbike to live it up on the freshly leveled pistes on one weekend.

Rent it out instead of letting it gather dust

Whether it’s the airbag backpack for avalanche protection, special bikes (such as a time trial bike), or short surfboards for a session on the Munich Eisbach – all kinds of special equipment are in good condition as they have only been utilized on rare occasions by most owners on our platform.

Nothing stands in the way of successfully renting gear out, now that you know which equipment is particularly suitable for hire. You can start right away on!

Did we forget anything?

Please tell us which equipment you think is ideal for rent - we look forward to reading every comment.

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