In this article we would like to share our 5 tips on backpack packing with you. If you follow our advice, nothing will stand in the way of your next adventure.

1. Light things in the bottom compartment

It is best to pack outdoor equipment such as sleeping bags or jackets that are light, but take up a lot of space, at the bottom of your backpack. You should make sure that the bottom compartment is well filled, but the zipper is not under tension.

2. Heavy objects close to the back

Main compartment is the place for such heavy gear as camping stove, laptop, cereal, etc. If possible, stack them on top of each other and as close as possible to the back of the pack. The closer the heavy items are to your back, the smaller is the burden on you.

3. Important things always at hand

While on the road you should always have an easy access to important things. Put your sunscreen, lamp, some snacks or your camera in the side pockets or the lid compartment. This way you can easily get these things without taking out the rest of your stuff.

4. Do not take too much

On our travels we have already met people who travelled around the world with just a hand luggage. Do not exaggerate, of course, but even as a common traveler try to leave unnecessary things at home.

Less is definitely more when backpacking!

5. Use compression bags or packing bags

We would recommend that you also subdivide your complete luggage into individual packing bags. This will give you more order in your backpack, and you will not create a mess of things if you just want to change your T-shirt.

If you wish to travel like a pro, start using waterproof compression bags. These bags allow you to squeeze the trapped air out of them and thus decrease the volume of your clothes. As a result, you save up a lot of space and protect your gear from humidity, dirt and vermin.

We hope you will find some of our tips useful and have even more fun on your next trip.

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