Motivation in sport – keep it up this time

Are you finally going to end up with a six-pack this summer, or do you just want to start a sport as a balance to working in an office? Each of us wants to see success. However, if it takes too long to achieve the desired success, your motivation will be lost once more. It is therefore important that you set small milestones between the start of training and the final goal. For example, plan a fixed day on which to do sport.

Make a plan

You have one goal in mind. Write down an exact, personal plan of action for yourself. Determine when you want to do something, so that you achieve your ultimate goal. Be as specific as possible. For example, decide to play sport on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

It isn’t easy to get used to your own plan in the beginning, but the training will become routine after only two to three weeks - almost like having breakfast in the morning. ;-)

Include the training appointments in your diary. See the training as an appointment with yourself.

Not tomorrow but TODAY!

Do not fool yourself. Conquer your inner doubts and start the first sports session today, even if you only manage to ride a few kilometers by bike.

This is important for your motivation.

The time to do sport to relieve stress and support your health is just when you think that you don’t have time for it.

Declare your inner doubts to be your personal enemy!

Which sport suits you?

You will only be able to stick with this permanently and achieve your goal, when you have found the right sport for you and your objective, and have fun doing it.

Ask yourself the following questions:

- Do you want to compete in sports competitions?

- Do you prefer to do sports alone or do you need other people around you?

- Would you rather to do sports in the open air or do you prefer indoor sports?

Perhaps there is a suitable sports club in your area or you can unpack your old racing bike again. No matter what it is - start now!

Reward your efforts and enjoy the success

Set substantial rewards for the intermediate stages and your final goal right from the beginning.

When you reach your intermediate goals, you can reward yourself with, for example, a sports massage with a physiotherapist or a new wheelset for your racing bike.

When you achieve your final goal, such as your desired weight, or a six-pack for the first time, you can also reward yourself with a professional photo shoot to capture your achievements.

Your rewards will help you reach your goals even faster.


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