When we’re canoeing, we get close to nature in a way that few other sports are able to. That's why we’re introducing you to a route that is feasible for adept beginners and an exciting event for experienced canoeists.

Our route

The Black Forest with its virtually untouched natural landscape almost invites you to take a canoe tour.

We start our tour in Ernstmühl, below the first weir of Calw. Ernstmühl can be reached by car from Tübingen in about 45 minutes.

Calw’s water level should not be less than 75 cm for our route. If the water level rises above one meter, many counter-currents and waves will be smoothed out.

The launch site in Ernstmühl is located under the bridge, which lies below the confluence of the mill run.

The Nagold river flows immediately into a slightly narrower valley and runs through a wood.

Smaller streams and some counter-currents await us in the valley.

The course of the Nagold river does not exactly meander and there are no dangerous bottlenecks. The risk of sudden obstacles, such as fallen trees, is relatively low.

Some medium-sized steps await us shortly before we come to Bad Liebenzell. The steps have emerged from a small fortification and were converted into natural streams some time ago. We’ll find larger waves waiting for us, in part, among these streams, especially at the lower end of the counter-currents.

Beginners in particular should cross this threshold in the middle, without taking any unnecessary risks.

There are some rocks lying in the water in Bad Liebenzell, but they should pose no problems as regards paddling.

The pavilion in the spa park is the ideal place for those who wish to take a short food break.

After the short break, a relatively smooth section of the Nagold river awaits us below Bad Liebenzell, leading to the former weir in Monbachtal. The weir can be crossed via the passageway beneath the bridge.

There is a large parking lot in Monbachtal, which is perfectly suited for disembarking from the river.

The well-known café, Liebenzeller Mission, is also in the parking lot and invites you to have coffee and cake as a reward for completing the canoe tour.

For our part, we think this tour is perfect for beginners who do not have much experience in canoeing, since the difficulty level for the route is relatively low and the scenery along the Nagold river is amazingly beautiful.

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