The similarity between "guerrilla" and "Gearrilla" may not have only been noticed by the Spanish-speaking members of our community.

"Gearrilla" is a mixture of the English word "gear" (equipment) and the Spanish word "guerrilla". This combination was deliberately chosen by us.

What does "guerrilla" mean?

In German (and English), a guerrilla basically means a small war. The Cuban independence fighters, who were able to free themselves from the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista through a new type of warfare - although they were significantly inferior in terms of strength, were referred to as ‘guerrilla fighters’. The most famous guerrilla fighter was Ché Guevara.

What does this have to do with Gearrilla?

We, the Gearrilla team, want to use our platform to fight against the waste of raw materials and the associated environmental pollution. The guerrilla groups mostly relied on the support of society, just as we depend on your support.

What is our tactic?

We want to build a community via our first platform, which specializes in the rental of sports and outdoor equipment. This will allow members to earn money, on the one hand, by hiring out their own items, and to save money, on the other, by borrowing other people’s items and not having to buy them personally.

This enables us to work together with you to get more use out of existing items and ensure that fewer new items are made.

How can you support our fight against the waste of raw materials?

If you, like us, want to fight against the waste of raw materials, you can hire out your own equipment via our platform on the one hand, and borrow equipment instead of buying new gear, on the other. You can also support us by telling your friends about us.

Together we can make great things happen.

Would you also like to earn money with your gear?

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