How much can you earn with Gearrilla?

We all have sports and outdoor equipment at home that we don’t use all the time. These items are getting older and losing their value.

How would it be if these unused items could make money for you?

In this blog article, we want to show you how much money you can earn with Gearrilla.

What can I loan out?

We interviewed the Lorenz family for this blog article, who had never used a sharing platform before. To begin with, the parents could not imagine that they would have anything in their household, which would be suitable for loan. But after a short while, we had compiled an astonishing list.

- 1 racing bike

- 2 travel backpacks

- 1 roof box for the car

- 2 pairs of skis

- 1 pair of snowshoes

- 1 tent

- 2 sleeping bags

In particular, the father of the family, Manuel, was thrilled by how many items the family has at home. He hadn’t thought of many of the items because he hadn’t used them for two years.

How do I set the price?

It is up to you how much you want to charge for your items per day. However, you should bear in mind that the cheaper the price, the more often your item will be loaned out. Our test family has set the following daily rental prices:

Road bike: €25

Travel backpack: €8

Roof box: €10

Skis: €18

Snowshoes: €10

Camping tent: €15

Sleeping bag: €8

How much can I earn in a year?

The Lorenz family has decided that they want to loan out all the items for at least 50 days per year. Together they have just calculated how much they could earn with the various items. The entire family was surprised by the result. It worked out as follows:

Racing bike: €25 for each day x 50 = €1,250

1st travel backpack: €8 for each day x 50 = €400

2nd travel backpack: €8 for each day x 50 = €400

Roof box: €10 for each day x 50 = €500

1st pair of skies: €18 for each day x 50 = €900

2nd pair of skies: €18 for each day x 50 = €900

Snowshoes: €10 for each day x 50 = €500

Camping tent: €15 for each day x 50 = €750

Sleeping bag: €8 for each day x 50 = €400

Minus the fee for Gearrilla, through which the loaned articles will also be insured, the Lorenz family would therefore earn € 4,500 per year and could even use the items themselves on 315 days.

We wonder what the family will do with the additional income.

Even if you do not have as many items at home as the Lorenz family, you may now have a better understanding of how much you can earn by loaning out your gear. Perhaps it’ll even make sense for you to buy some extra items and build up your own business.

Would you also like to earn money with your gear?

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