It was Arthur Schopenhauer who said: "Health is certainly not everything, but without health, everything else is nothing".

We often do not pay enough attention to our health in our modern lives. Sufficient exercise in the fresh air frequently falls by the wayside, as does a healthy diet. However, you do not have to sign up at the gym and commit to a binding two-year contract if you want to do something about your physical inactivity. How about you use your bike more often, tackle everyday routes with it, and become happier and healthier in the process?

This article will show you how regular cycling can have many positive effects on your life.

1. Becoming happier

Cycling has been proven to reduce stress hormones in our bodies through rhythmic movements, and even encourage happiness hormones to be released. Half an hour of cycling is sufficient for this.

Cycling helps you to overcome bad moods and depressive states of mind, especially during stressful periods. You can therefore become happier and enjoy your life more, within a relatively short space of time.

2. Protecting the environment and saving money

If you use your bike more often than your car, you’ll not only be aiding your health, but you’ll also be doing something good for the environment - by not producing exhaust fumes. In the long run, you’ll notice that you’ll become slimmer, while your wallet gets thicker - because you’ll also be saving money on the fuel, by the way.

3. Fighting the flab

More and more people suffer from acute physical inactivity, eat too many high-calorie foods, and tend to become overweight. Endurance sports such as cycling stimulate the lipid metabolism, especially in the morning. So, if you cycle to work or take a leisurely bike ride on the weekend, you will be actively fighting existing excess weight or preventing yourself from gaining more.

4. Cycling leads to better grades

Studies have shown that children who play sport regularly and, for example, travel to school by bike, get better grades at school.

That should also motivate us adults to exercise more often. In addition to the positive effects of hormonal balance, cycling gets our circulation going and increases the oxygen content in the brain. You’ll soon notice the benefits as you will not only feel more awake, but thinking will be easier and concentration barriers will be swept away.

5. Strengthening the cardiovascular system

Those who regularly practice endurance sports reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 20 fold.

The heart muscle is strengthened through regular cycling, which reduces the risk of a heart attack. The exercise reduces stress hormones and cholesterol, which also relieves pressure on the heart and protects the arteries from the build-up of calcium deposits.

6. Protection of the joints

Unlike other sports, the joints are seldom burdened by cycling, making it suitable for people with joint problems and obesity.

However, even people who are of normal weight will benefit from cycling, which strengthens the hip, knee and ankle joints, and prevents wear and tear.

7. Strengthening the back muscles

Back pain has now virtually degenerated into a widespread disease. How can that be the case when people are doing less and less physical work? This is exactly the problem. We take too little exercise. On the other hand, regular cycling can also help. Cycling releases tension and builds up the low-lying support muscles.

We hope that this post has motivated you to get back on your bike more often in the future, and thereby make your life a little better.

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