The island of Fehmarn is located in the Baltic Sea and is the third largest island in Germany. The island impresses people with different kinds of beaches and breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to a tour that will lead you along the water – as far as this is possible.

The tour is suitable for mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and touring bikes.


The starting point of "Bahnhof Burg / Fehmarn" can be reached by train from Hamburg and Lübeck.

Those who want to arrive by car can continue via the A1 to Heiligenhafen and the dam, over the Fehmarn Sound Bridge to ‘Burg auf Fehmarn’. There are always sufficient parking spaces available at the railway station.

Tour description

Our tour starts at the railway station of Burg auf Fehmarn. Burg is now the main town on the island.

From there, we will head toward Burgstaaken, on the cycle path which is constructed alongside the old railway line.

After circling around the Burger See (lake) in a westerly direction, we will head via Wulfen to the Fehmarn Sound Bridge, which connects the island with the mainland.

After crossing the bridge, we will continue via Lemkenhafen and Orth around the Rother Reede (roadstead) to the Flügger lighthouse.

Further along the coast, we will travel through the Wallnau nature reserve to the Westermakelsdorf lighthouse.

Our Baltic Sea tour on the coast will now proceed to the Niobe monument and to

Puttgarden, where there is a very nice ferry port - from which the ferries depart to neighboring Denmark.

From Puttgarden we will travel across the island’s interior to Marienleuchte, where we will return to the Baltic Sea coast.

We will proceed along the well-developed cycle paths of the steep coast, where the magnificent views of the Baltic Sea will invite people to take photos. We’ll then head on to a marine radio station at the southeast end of the island, where we’ll depart from the coast again.

After traveling a short distance, we’ll reach the lake once more and proceed via Burgtiefe with its bathing beach and Burgstaaken harbor, back to our starting point - Burg.

Who is this tour suitable for?

This tour is suitable for anyone of average fitness who owns a bicycle, which can at least cycle over simple gravel roads. The tour is not suitable for racing bikes.

Is this tour suitable for an e-bike?

Yes, the tour is perfectly suitable for e-bikes. There is even a charging point for your e-bike at the Altenteil campsite.

We wish you lots of fun cycling on the German island.

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