Most people think that camping is only possible in summer.

In this article, we want to give you six tips on how you can also pitch your camping tent during the cold season.

Tip 1: The right camping tent

When choosing your tent, remember that your tent should be significantly larger in winter due to the extra gear and additional clothing. You must be able to close the ventilation openings in the event of a snowstorm.

Tip 2: The right place for the camping tent

It’s best to find a place that is sheltered from the wind and where there is enough snow to hammer the pegs in. Always make sure that you are far enough away from ravines as there is always an increased danger of avalanches. If you are traveling with snowshoes, you can use them to solidify the snow and make it flat.

Tip 3: The right anchoring for the camping tent

Use special snow pegs to secure the tent. Hammer the pegs into the snow and let them freeze for 15-30 minutes before you tether the cords. Make sure that you use all the lashing points on the tent. These are essential, especially when the wind is strong.

Tip 4: Think of taking along a second set of poles for the camping tent

On harsh winter days with strong winds, we recommend that you erect a second set of poles in your tent. This will give your tent much more stability - which you do not want to be without if there is a snowstorm.

Tip 5: Ensure that there is a windbreak around the camping tent

A windbreak like the one you can see in the following picture would, of course, be best. However, since such a wall almost never occurs in nature, you should use a shovel to pile up some snow on all sides of the tent. The wall should be about one meter high and stand three to five meters from the tent in the direction of the wind. Always remember that the wind direction can change at any time.

Tip 6: Take two sleeping pads with you

In order to attain better insulation in sub-zero temperatures and get enough sleep, we recommend that it’s best for you to use two sleeping pads. One pad should be inflatable. The other should be made of foam.

With these tips, you’ll also be able to pitch your camping tent during the cold season and sleep in the wilderness.

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