In this article, we'll present you with various reasons why it can make more sense for you to buy or rent backpacks for hiking trips or backpacks for carrying children.

If you want to go on an extended trekking tour for the first time and take along a backpack/child carrier, without knowing whether hiking with something on your back is the right thing to do, then you'll have a difficult decision to make:

Should I buy a backpack or would it be better to rent one?

There are some arguments in favor of buying a backpack and others in favor of renting one.

If you are unsure or you do not want to spend so much money right now, renting is certainly the better alternative.

What are the arguments in favor of buying a backpack?

It makes sense for you to buy a backpack if you go on vacation with your backpack several times a year. You'll therefore always have your own backpack at hand, and you'll only have make one decision on which backpack to buy. You only need to set up your backpack once to suit your personal needs, and you'll know immediately how the backpack works and where each compartment is in the backpack.

During the time that you are not using your backpack, you can loan out your backpack on our website, and even earn money, which will allow you to pay off the cost of your backpack quickly.

What are the arguments in favor of renting a backpack?

If you rarely go on trekking tours or are unsure about whether you like backpacking at all, renting a backpack is certainly the better and more cost-effective option.

You'll remain much more flexible, can test different models, and also don't need additional storage space in your apartment.

You can easily select from a variety of manufacturers online – via our website,, collect the backpack directly on site, or have it conveniently sent to your home by post.

You'll only rent the backpack for the required period of time and then simply give it back afterwards.


Think carefully which of the two alternatives is the better one for you. If you are not yet sure which model is right for you, or even whether you want to go backpacking at all, it's better to rent a backpack first.

If you already know what backpack you want, then you can easily buy the backpack and, if you are not using it right now, post it on our site

We hope that we've been able to help you make your decision with this article.

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