Children want to experience something on the weekend. It doesn’t matter to them whether they take a trip over the whole weekend or on just one day. We have put together a few ideas for the perfect adventure weekend for you in this article.

Let us inspire you.

Climbing parks and high-rope courses

For the parents, the stress of everyday life is soon forgotten high up in the treetops, where the children can feel a bit like Tarzan. There are now climbing parks and high-rope courses all over Germany. You can first get a feel for the equipment at a height of one to two meters when you’re well-secured with a helmet and harness. Those who then dare to move further up the ladder, will go from one exercise to the next at dizzying heights of up to 15 meters - over wobbly bridges and balancing ropes. What is especially nice is that you can only do some of the exercises as a team, which strengthens cohesion within the family.

Searching for gold

Who didn’t dream of finding real treasure as a child?

Gold prospecting gives you the possibility to do a search with the whole family. When you’re equipped with a special plate made of sheet metal, searching for the beautiful precious metal isn’t just fun for the little ones. After a short while, gold fever seizes the whole family. The small gold nuggets, which are sifted out of the river, will find a very special place in the children’s rooms at home.

Explore old castles

There are about 25,000 castles in German-speaking countries. The medieval ruins, in particular, invite children to explore them. After a little picnic, most children are happy to be read a story about knights and kings.

On the trail of the dinosaurs

Every child has a paleontologist within him/her. Equipped with a hammer and chisel, children can search for animals from prehistoric times in special quarries. Children are especially enthusiastic about fossilized snails. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find a fossilized dinosaur in the rubble. ;-)

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