In this article, you’ll get some insider tips for your leisure activities in and around Munich.

Hiking on the Hirschberg mountain

The Hirschberg mountain in the Tegernsee Alps is always worth a visit. You can reach the summit in about two-and-a-half hours and be rewarded with a fantastic view of Lake Tegernsee and a welcome stop at the famous Hirschberghaus inn.

The Alps are almost right on the doorstep of Munich residents.

We recommend that you to travel there via the Bayerische Oberlandbahn (Upper Bavarian Railway).

If you want to reach the Hirschberg mountain by car, it would be better to arrive during the week, otherwise you’ll be stuck in a traffic jam with many other tourists.

Mountain biking

The Isar trails are absolutely fantastic for every mountain bike fan. The paths always lead south from the city along the Isar – a beautiful river, where it is always nice and cool in the summer.

Stand up paddleboarding on Lake Starnberg

Stand up paddleboarding really has become a popular sport in recent years. Whether you do it for athletic or recreational reasons is up to you. More and more athletes are even doing yoga on the moving boards.

Boat trip on the Isar

It's probably not possible to get much closer to nature. If you start your trip in Wolfratshausen, you can paddle downstream to the city or just let yourself drift.

You can rent a dinghy at

Surfing on the Eisbach river

If you like to surf, you do not have to go without it while you’re in the Bavarian state capital. Wave riders are on site at the Eisbach almost around the clock, daringly plunging into the waves and proving their skills.

‘Swedish chess’ in the English Garden

Those who want to pursue a perspiration-free pastime can meet up with friends to play ‘Swedish chess’ in the English Garden.

With Swedish chess, which is also known as ‘Kubb’ or ‘Viking Chess’, two teams play against each other to overturn their opponents’ wooden blocks.

The game is easy to understand and a lot of fun.

Volleyball in the English Garden

You can head to one of the volleyball courts in the English Garden if you want to do some forearm and underarm passing. Those who are new to Munich will find it easy to meet new people there. The courts are always well attended, especially on sunny days.

We hope that there is something to interest you among our tips.

How do you spend your free time in Munich?

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