Around three lakes with a racing bike (Hintersee - Königssee - Thumsee)

We'll introduce you to a racing-bike tour in this blog post, which will win you over with its fantastic natural scenery. The route is suitable for all racing-bike cyclists who are of at-least-average fitness, and have no problem with slight climbs. The tour encompasses 81.1 kilometers and the difference in altitude is 461 meters.

Canoeing on the Nagold river in the Black Forest (Northern Black Forest)

When we’re canoeing, we get close to nature in a way that few other sports are able to. That's why we’re introducing you to a route that is feasible for adept beginners and an exciting event for experienced canoeists.

Traveling around Fehmarn island by bike

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to a tour that will lead you along the water – as far as this is possible.

Day trip to the Blankensteinhütte - backpacking in the Tegernsee Mountains

In this blog article, we’ll introduce you to an enjoyable day trip with about 275 meters in altitude.

How much can you earn with Gearrilla?

We all have sports and outdoor equipment at home that we don’t use all the time. These items are getting older and losing their value. In this blog article, we want to show you how much money you can earn with Gearrilla.

Eight reasons why backpacking is the best way to travel

In this blog article, we’ll name the eight reasons why backpacking is the best way to travel.

What we do for your security

We do everything to make Gearrilla a safe place for you. You’ll learn what we do for your security in this blog post.

Gearrilla - The idea behind the name

"Gearrilla" is a mixture of the English word "gear" (equipment) and the Spanish word "guerrilla". This combination was deliberately chosen by us.

An adventure weekend for the whole family

In this article we have put together a few ideas for the perfect adventure weekend for your whole family

Sharing communities – it’s better to share than to buy!

We introduce you to some online platforms where you can lend or borrow products.

Help your friends to fall in love with cycling

Do you want to persuade a friend of how great cycling tours are? This article is for you!

Motivation in sport – keep it up this time

The time to do sport is just when you think that you don’t have time for it.

The idea behind Gearrilla

How we got the idea to create Gearrilla and what is the purpose behind it.

In the mountains with the children

A mountain trip with children should always be well planned.

Cycling makes you happy and healthy

How about you use your bike more often, tackle everyday routes with it, and become happier and healthier in the process?