In this article, we’ll introduce you to a hiking route that is easy for beginners to master. The route runs for over 12 km through a wild-growing forest. It takes about three hours and is an easy walk, even with simple hiking shoes. There are only 340 meters in altitude that have to be surmounted along the route.

Starting point

We’ll start our excursion in Zwieslerwaldhaus at the ‘Brechhäuslau’ stop for the ‘Igelbus’ on the famous Goldsteig hiking trail, and head in the direction of Schwellhäusl. The starting point is also accessible by bus.

First stage

We’ll cross the Deffernik (tributary) and then follow a forest road on the right, which is marked with a signpost stating ‘Schwarzstorch’. Just a few minutes later, we’ll arrive at the impressive wild-growing forest area of Hans-Watzlikhain. If you are interested, you’ll find more information about Hans-Watzlikhain on boards that have been set up there.

At the strikingly large fir tree, we’ll turn onto a narrow path until we reach the forest road again. Here, we’ll turn left and continue towards Schwellhäusl.

We’ll turn right at the ‘Schmalzbach-Schwelle’, onto the path marked ‘Bussard’ and head towards Bayerisch Eisenstein. After completing the route’s only long uphill climb of about 200 meters, we’ll cross a forest road and keep to left at the next intersection, until we reach the same forest road once again.

After following the forest road to the right for a short distance, we’ll reach the ‘Schutzhütte Hochbergsattel’ (mountain hut), which is located at an altitude of 847 m, and thus simultaneously represents the highest point of our hike.

We can take a short break at the hut and perhaps have a snack.

Second stage

After the short break, we’ll follow the signpost further into the forest, cross the forest road repeatedly, and turn right at the next intersection, heading in the direction of Bayerisch Eisenstein.

We’ll continue to follow the ‘Bussard’ signpost in the village, and then return to a forest road, which turns left after about 200 meters and narrows to form a path.

After about one kilometer along this path, we’ll turn left on the slope towards ‘Eisernes Kreuz’. Going past the mountain hut, we’ll reach the Schmalzbach-Schwelle once more, and follow the path marked ‘Schwarzstorch’ again to the right in the direction of Schwellsteig. We’ll reach the intersection again, where we’ll cross the Deffernik on the Goldsteig trail and reach our starting point.

If you’re arriving by car, you can easily park it in the Zwieslerwaldhaus parking area.

We expect that you’ll enjoy this hike as much as we do. The Bavarian Forest National Park really is a wonder of nature.

We are happy to be at your disposal if you have any questions about the tour.

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