1. Different tents for different tours

If you don't feel like repeatedly going on the same tours, it will be almost impossible for you to buy one tent and carry out all your adventures with it.

If you are traveling alone, it's best to have a one-man tent in your baggage, but if you are traveling with several friends, you'll definitely need a larger tent which is suitable for several people. You'll need a different tent for the summer than for the winter.

If you rent a tent, you'll have the right tent for every adventure.

2. Take care of the environment

Global warming is progressing and the oceans are heavily contaminated with plastic. We want to do something together with you to eliminate unnecessary consumption.

By renting a tent instead of buying one, you'll be sharing the tent with other outdoor friends; the tent will be used more often and raw materials will be saved in the production of new tents.

3. Rent a tent on site

Are you traveling with a backpack and have no room for more baggage? Do you only want to spend part of your trip in a tent?

Then simply rent a tent at the place where you need it and return it afterwards. This saves space for your other adventures.

4. Tent models change

New, improved tent models come on to the market every year. If you buy a tent, you'll be stuck with that model for a long time.

Maybe you just want to try out another model once in a while.

The better alternative for you could therefore be to rent a tent instead of buying a new one every year – which would then be used very little or not at all.

5. Save money by renting a tent

If you have to buy a new tent for each adventure, it will eat into your budget pretty quickly.

Renting will certainly be cheaper for you if you are not going to stay exclusively in a tent.

Preferably save the money for more adventures and experiences.

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